Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alyssa's Triathlon Fundraiser in One Week

Only 6 days until I (Alyssa) run the Black Canyon Sprint Triathlon. We were given a $2,500 matching grant in August and decided to do the Triathlon as a fundraiser to match the grant. To support us, you can sponsor a leg of my race or the whole thing: $5 for the 5K run, $15 for the 15 mile bike, $25 for the .25 mile swim or $45 for the whole triathlon. If you are interested in supporting us in our adoption by sponsoring me in my triathlon, you can make a check out to GGMA with a note with our names on it. Send the check to GGMA:

Modesto, CA 95353

Last time we blogged, we had just talked to a birth mom for the first time. She was trying to decide between our family and another for her baby. We had a great interview with her, but a few days later the agency contacted us and told us she had decided to parent her baby. We have not heard anything since, but keep her in our prayers. We're glad she made that decision before the process went any further because once adoptive parents are matched with a birth mom a lot of money is invested. In the case of a failed adoption, the agencies we are working with keep the money, but don't charge anything for the next adoption. The hard thing about that for us is we are using three different agencies with the hope that we can show our profile to more moms that way. A failed adoption would lock us into only using that one adoption agency. 

Now we are back to showing our profile to birth moms. Sometimes the wait feels long, but in actuality, the average wait for families trying to adopt in the U.S. is 18 to 24 months. So our situation isn't uncommon. Of course, when we started this process, we hoped we would be one of those families who got matched with a baby in 3 months, but we trust God's timing. God has spoken so clearly to us throughout this whole process and we know we are doing what He asked. All He is asking us to do at this point is trust His timing. Most of the time, the most important part of the process is the waiting.

Thank you all for waiting with us and standing by us in prayer and support. We really appreciate you all! God bless!

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