Saturday, July 7, 2012

Steve - The Adoption Marathoner

So it must be very obvious by now that I am NOT a blogger. Sorry for being so inconsistent in sharing what's going on. To be honest, not a lot has changed in our adoption journey. Occasionally we have shown our profile to an expecting mom, but we still haven't been chosen. 

Back in March, we renewed our home study for another year. We really took some time to pray again about our adoption and what path God wanted us to be on. We contemplated and prayed about adoption through foster care. There's an agency in Denver that our friends used to bring home their two boys, so we had a few conversations with them. After a few weeks of praying though, we felt like the Lord said to continue on the path we were on. We were able to find another agency in Colorado Springs, Triad Adoption Consultants, Inc. (TAC), to renew our home study, as the one we used to do our original home study was an international adoption agency and could not offer us any domestic situations. TAC is the only agency we could find in CO that would allow us to own our home study, meaning we could have them send it to the other agencies out of state that we are using so we could have our profile available to more birth moms. We have been really happy with TAC.

We have had our family profile shown to about 13 or 14 birth moms so far. I think that it's about this time that most families waiting for their child can start getting discouraged, wondering why they haven't been chosen. For us, that has not been the case. Honestly, we feel totally at peace, trusting God's timing and direction. We always go back to that first moment when God said to start this journey. His word was so clear to both of us. He spoke to us individually at different times, and we know that we are doing what He asked us to do. I am so grateful for that because it is so much easier to rest in the waiting. Plus, God has been using this time to do a lot in our hearts and in our childrens' hearts. I truly believe this waiting period has been God's grace to prepare us for what's ahead and draw us closer together as a family.

Also, during this time of waiting, we have applied for a few more grants. We received a matching grant last fall for $5,000. That raised our funds to about $11,000. We recently applied for two more matching grants. We have not heard yet if we have been chosen to receive monies or how much. Steve began training for a marathon back in late May with the hope that he could be sponsored for every mile he runs, whether it be a dollar, two dollars or five dollars, and then have that be matched through a matching grant. Steve is running the Mt. Sneffels Marathon in Ridgway, CO on August 11. Hopefully, we will know before then if we have received a matching grant. At this point, the least we will likely be spending for our adoption is about $23,000. Most situations are at least 25K to 30K. If you would like to know more about sponsoring Steve as he runs 26.2 miles, email us at

So that is what's going on. Thanks for all your prayers and support as we continue on this journey. I can't wait to hold our baby in my arms, but in the meantime, I am so grateful for the process.

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