Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adoption Banquet was a Success!

We had our adoption banquet with Adam and Jodi Woodden last Sunday and it went well. All of us put in a lot of work, and we think everyone that attended had a great time. It was at Camp Robber in Montrose, CO and the food and service was fantastic. We were able to bless many with door prizes and raffle prizes. We also had over 85 silent auction items up for bids. They ranged in variety from pedicures to massages, oil changes to painting services, restaurant gift cards to Tiffany lamps, and beautiful art photography to family portrait photography packages. The community was very generous and made it possible for us to have such an awesome silent auction. All in all, including gifts from those who were unable to attend, we were able to raise about $6000 to be split between our two families. We are so thankful for those that gave and we know that God will multiply what was given 30, 60 and 100-fold and give it back to those who were so generous. Adoption is God's idea, so when someone gets behind that and supports it, there's no way God won't bless them back. I'm excited to see God do that in the lives of those who gave towards our adoptions.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Silent Auction on Facebook

So, I thought of this great idea the other night. I have been spending many late nights getting prepared for our dinner and silent auction. While browsing for some instructions to sort of copy and print out for our live silent auction I came across a site that gave people the opportunity to mail or call in a bid beforehand. I thought, why not do something like that through Facebook? So here I am spending more late nights getting photos of the items and then the way people bid is under the comments of each photo.
I thought it would give people who aren't attending the dinner a chance to bid on the silent auction items as well. I'm not sure how it will go over yet. I'm afraid people are thinking it is just one more invitation to our dinner, since people are saying they are 'not attending'? Maybe those 'not attending' just don't care...or they didn't read what I was trying to do. Who knows maybe this will catch on and could work neat. The idea is that as more people comment, or even say they're attending, or invite others, the more it shows up in news feeds and the more exposure it gets.
Fundraising is hard work. With Social Networking we have an opportunity to use a unique media, but also run the risk of just annoying people. I'm not trying to do that, just trying to do what I can to get the support we need. Sometimes that comes from the unlikeliest people, like for instance, the 50 or so businesses that donated something (most of them complete strangers to us). Not all are called to adopt orphans, but all are called to care for the orphan. It is neat to see that desire rise up in people that may not even know the Lord.
So, if you actually read my blog, pray that this online auction idea would make sense to people. And pray that what God is doing through us and for us would be a blessing and testimony of His goodness to us all.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Chance for Dinner Tickets- Price Lowered!

Our adoption banquet that we’re holding at the Camp Robber with Adam & Jodi Woodden on Sunday March 13 at 5:30pm is not sold out yet. We’ve asked people to RSVP by March 4, but we still have lots of tickets we can sell. Originally, we were asking for $50 a ticket, but now we’re wondering if that price was too difficult for many, especially those with families. So we’ve decided to lower the price of the tickets these last two days to $35 per person or $60 a couple. And for families, we’re willing to do a family deal. We want everyone that wants to come to be able to come, even if that means you just paying the basic cost of the meal ($20 per person).

It’s been awesome to see the community get behind us! The total value of all our silent auction items is over $5000! So with the auction and the raffle drawings you could be leaving with some awesome stuff! Everyone will be given one raffle ticket to put in the raffle of their choice and then you can buy more raffle tickets.

We need to know by Monday night, March 7th, in order to let Camp Robber know how much food to prepare. Call Steve at 970-209-7878 to reserve your tickets. Thanks so much for your friendship and support!