Friday, June 3, 2011

Applications are in the mail!

It has been too long since we updated our blog. It seems life just gets busier and busier with two toddlers in the house. But life is good and we continue to see God's blessing and favor over our lives. God is so good!

This week we finally finished filling out applications to adoptions agencies and got them sent in the mail. We applied to four different agencies; one in Texas, one in Arizona, one in Utah and one in Kansas. All the agencies we applied to do not require any fees until we've been matched with a birth mother. By applying to several agencies, we will cut down on wait time. Then whatever agency matches us first will be the agency we adopt through.

Within the next few weeks, each agency should receive our application and other necessary paperwork from the agency that did our home study here. Then we will wait to hear if we are approved. Once approved, the agencies will begin showing our profile to their birth mothers. When we are chosen by a birth mother, it's considered a match. Then we begin planning for the birth of our child. This includes phone calls with the birth mom, updates on her pregnancy, and planning the hospital visit when the baby is born. The agency will also be drawing up the paperwork for the adoption.

It feels so good to be at this point because we've done all we can do up to this point. Now we just wait and watch God do His thing. We know He has already chosen the right baby and birth mother for us. During this waiting period please continue to pray over the safety of our child in the womb and over our birth mother as she makes some of the hardest decisions she'll ever make in her life. Thanks again for all your prayers and support through this whole process. We love and appreciate you all!