Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Study Completed!

Our home study has been completed! We had our last visit with Sandy Whitton from Littlest Angels International about two weeks ago and she has approved us for adoption. It's hard to believe we only started this process a few months ago and now we are closer than ever to adopting. There are a few more things that have to take place though before we can bring our baby home.

First of all, we need to put together our parent profile. This is basically a really nice and elaborate classified ad for birth moms searching for a home for their babies. We've been looking at lots of examples and hope to have ours finished in the next few weeks. Then we just pray that God leads the right mother to see our parent profile and choose us as parents for her baby.

Also, we need to complete 16 hours of adoption classes. We are taking a class this coming Saturday, so that will take care of half of those hours. We will complete the rest with online courses. After that, we should be ready to go! We just need a mother to choose us, and then the paperwork begins to bring home our baby.

This week the reality hit us that we could have a baby very soon. I think all along I've had this time line in my mind of when would be a good time for this baby to come into our home. Late fall or early winter would be good because Joab would be around 18 months. However, God has a way of doing things in His timing. With how fast everything has gone so far, we feel like God wants us to be ready this summer. At first, this scared me a little bit, but God reminded me that He never gives us any circumstance in life that's too difficult as long as we get a hold of His grace. I want and need to be open to His timing because I don't want to miss His best for us just because I want to be comfortable and have control of the situation. I think many of us can attest to God's goodness in times where things were out of our control or didn't happen in our timing. Through this process of prayer and letting go, I have found God's peace that passes all understanding. On top of that, I am getting more and more excited to hold this little one and start our lives together.

Thank you God for always wanting the best for us. Helps us to let go and give control to you in all circumstances. Amen.